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About the Skydive Malawi website.
This site is hosted by Skydive Malawi to promote the sport of Skydiving both in Malawi and the rest of the world. We like to see ourselves as a support pillar for the skydiving community. Skydivers are fun loving people that like to enjoy life.
Skydiving is a disciplined professional sport that operates within rigidly defined and enforced safety rules according to international best practices. Within these rules there is large room to have fun, while remaining safe at the same time.

About Malawi's skydiving organization!
The Malawi Parachute Association was created to promote, regulate and support the skydiving sport in Malawi. It was founded in line with international best practices. A set of safety rules governs all skydiving activities ensuring the sport is practised in a safe manner.

The Association

Why all this formality?
Skydiving is a disciplined sport that operates within a set of safety rules according to international best practices. These rules have evolved over time and were created to minimize the risks associated with skydiving and to provide a safe skydiving environment for jumpers. The safety rules and training standards must be adhered to by all its members. By following these safety rules, the safety of the sport if greatly increased.

The Association is mandated to create and enforce these governing rules and regulations. Further the Association is mandated to promoted and support the development of the sport. This is done by organizing skydiving competitions and events for its members and the public at large and through building long term relationships with sponsors to support these goals.

Skydive Malawi

Who is Skydive Malawi?
We are “Skydive Malawi” the Malawian Skydiving Operator, sanctioned by the Malawi Parachute Association which promotes, governs and regulates sports parachuting in Malawi. Skydive Malawi operates under the governing laws of the Department of Civil Aviation as well as the Sports Council.

Our base of operation is Lilongwe, but given the chance we jump all over the country. We work under the governing laws of Malawi, the rules and regulations of the Malawi Parachute Association and according to international best practices.
We jump irregularly about once a month on average. Our home base is Kamuzu international Airport, but we jump all over the country. Malawi has some amazing scenery to offer - see dropzones for some interesting Skydiving venues.


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