What equipment is required to practice skydiving?
Skydiving Equipment has undergone a revolution over the past two decades. Much development has taken place and its reliability has become second to none. Modern equipment is both safe and dependable.
A typical parachute rig consists of a Main Parachute, a Reserve Parachute and a CYPRES all housed in a parachute container with an integrated harness. To round it off, some accessories such as altimeters and helmets are required.

We are dealers for all the majour equipment suppliers and can supply complete parachute systems. As the official Malawi CYPRES Dealer, we are able to supply, service and maintain these great little life savers


Through our partners, we are able to supply main and reserve parachutes as well as containers at reasonable prices to skydivers in Malawi and the region. We can supply complete ready to jump  systems. Please contact us for pricing and further details, as well as advice and help in choosing the right equipment.
Aerodyne Research is a major designer, manufacturer, and distributor of technically advanced and high-quality sport parachute systems worldwide. Aerodyne manufactures the famous Pilot Canopy and ICON container.
Parachute systems is one of the few manufacturers in the world who make complete systems - harness containers, main parachutes and reserves as well as military combat systems. The popular ZP-EXE  main canopy and Vortex II container are manufactured by Parachute Systems.

Parachute Industries of South Africa is the largest manufacturer of Parachutes in South Africa. Since its establishment in 1965, PISA has progressed from a local parachute supplier into a global supplier to more than 40 Countries. Dedication to quality and good management has helped PISA grow into an internationally accredited manufacturer with an impressive range of products, including the famous Skymaster Main Canopy and Naro Harness used on numerous dropzones for student training.
The CYPRES is a life saving device, that everybody should have in their parachute. The best evidence of the unique quality and reliability of the CYPRES is the fact that it has become a indispensable part of any qualified skydiver around the world. The CYPRES guarantees you the potentially needed emergency operation of the reserve parachute in any practically possible scenario.
As the official Malawi CYPRES Dealer, we are able to supply, service and maintain this great device. Make sure you see the famous red button when you make the choice for your next CYPRES.


Accessories form an integral part of the skydiving equipment. Basic required accessories include Altimeters, Helmets and Goggles.
The Altimeter is used to read the height above the ground during freefall and under canopy. This helps in creating better awareness during the skydive. Under canopy control it is used to plan and execute the landing approach accurately.
The Helmet helps protect the head in case of a hard landing, fall or collision with another skydiver. Goggles prevent the eyes from watering during freefall and heep any foreign objects out of the eyes.

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