Who are we affiliated or related to and who are our partners?
Here are some links and lists of the Companies, Organizations and Government Departments which are related or affiliated with us.

Malawi Government - Department of Civil Aviation


The DCA is the regulatory authority in all things Civil Aviation.  Skydiving and Aviation are closely linked, so we are often in contact with the Department and its personnel. We enjoy a good relationship which goes back many years.

Malawi Government - Department of Tourism
As an adrenaline sport, skydiving is a real tourist magnet. We enjoy a close relationship with the Ministry of Tourism and value the input and support they give us and the sport


Malawi Government - Department of Sports



The Department of Sports promotes the Malawian national identity and unity in sports and recreational activities. It oversees and controls all professional sporting activities including sports parachuting in Malawi.
The Ministry of Youth and Sports coordinates, plans, implements, develops, directs, promotes and controls all sporting activities through youth empowerment and mass participation in order to have healthy and productive citizens.

Malawi Parachute Association


This is the governing body of sports parachuting in Malawi. Its goal is to promote and regulate sports parachuting within Malawi. For this purpose some basic safety rules and regulations are in place according to international best practices to ensure a safe an enjoyable skydiving experience by its members.

Malawi Defence Force
As the largest parachute operator in the country, the Malawi Defence Force train army personnel on a yearly basis. They have lots of knowledge and expertise in the field of parachuting. We enjoy a close relationship with the MDF and organize joint training exercises.

Nyassa Air Taxi
Our affiliation with Nyassa Air Taxi goes back to the beginnings of the sport in Malawi. They were involved in the first jumps to be performed in Malawi as well as the Inaugural Lake of Stars Skydiving Boogie, held in October 2010 at Club Makokola. Nyassa Air Taxi actively support the sport and provide us with aircraft for our jumps.

Skydive Zimbabwe
Skydive Zimbabwe are important partners for us. They first brought the skydiving idea to Malawi in 2005. Today they are an active ingredient in our operation. They provide us with instructors, know-how and equipment. They played a crucial role in the organization of the Lake of Stars boogie back in 2010.
Like most skydiving operators worldwide, we are listed on – the world  skydiving directory, for skydivers and tandem adrenaline junkies to find us.

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, was founded in 1905. It is a non-governmental and non-profit making international organisation with the basic aim of furthering aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide, ratifying world records and coordinating the organization of international competitions. They have got a skydiving section.

Travel Malawi
Travel Malawi is the travel directory for Malawi and the region, with accommodation-, restaurant-, destination- and operator listings, sorted by categories and geographical area. A great travel resource for anybody looking to visit Malawi or any of the the surrounding countries. You will find us listed under Malawian operators.

Nyassa Air Taxi Malawi Defence Force - Airborne Republic of Malawi Malawi Tourism FAI Skydive Zimbabwe
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