As a Skydiving Sponsor you get noticed by your customers and competitors!
Would you like to be part of this exciting sport? As a skydiving sponsor you have access the cutting edge marketing tools and media. Skydiving is a high impact, high publicity adrenaline sport – a crowd catcher.
Who can resist looking at a parachute canopy opening above a crowd on a display jump. Imagine a “flying billboard” unfolding above a football stadium at the opening of the national championships. Skydiving is a crowd pleaser and therefore an ideal advertising tool and medium.
Skydiving sponsorship has many faces like, Event-, Equipment- or Show Jump sponsoring. They all have the awe and excitement of skydiving in common - for the spectators and participants alike.
Like many sports, skydiving depends on a degree of support from the corporate sector in order to develop and be sustainable. But, this is by no means a one way relationship. Skydiving has much to offer in terms of sponsor publicity.
Branding is available on the ground, on the skydiver and on the equipment as well as on the aircraft. Sponsors gain maximum exposure at sporting and other events, in a safe, targeted and cost-effective manner. Working with your marketing team, regular parachute displays can be arranged in conjunction with special sales promotions at any dealers, shows and special events nationwide.
Please read more about the different sponsorship possibilities below. If we have awoken your interest in skydiving, please contact us that we can work out a tailored sponsorship proposal for you - there are many exiting possibilities.


Sponsoring a parachute is like buying a billboard with a 20 year life span!
Parachutes offers a highly visible, 20m2 advertising area with a lifespan of up to 20 years. A parachute opening above an event is a guaranteed crowd catcher.
We offer branded parachutes, featuring a 20m2 advertising area. Parachutes are featured on all photos and videos and are visible to all spectators, be it on a show- or tandem jump or student training. Parachutes can carry sponsor logos, corporate colours and slogans, and contact details.
The other equipment including the aircraft itself can be branded.


Sponsoring an event will put your brand or product into the spotlight.
Branding an event can be done through Banners, Wind Blades, Landing Zone Tarpaulins, Crew T-shirts, etc. Video material can also be branded.


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