Skydive Malawi has organized a number of events...
Here you will find some of the events which have been organized by us. If you would like us to organize an event for you, please contact us. This could be a tandem weekend, a skydiving training camp, a display jump as an event highlight or a fun skydiving weekend.

Regular Jumping - Lilongwe, Ongoing

On average we jump irregular about once a month on weekends either Saturday or Sunday, depending on aircraft availability. If you are interested to join us in either a jump or as a spectator, please contact us to find out when we wil do our next jump.

Lake of Stars Festival Official Opening - Nkopola Lodge, 15th October 2010

To mark the official 2010 Lake of Stars festival opening on Friday 15th October 2010, the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Ken Lipenga jumped into the Lake of Stars festival arena on the beach of Nkopola Lodge to deliver his opening speech for the official opening. The Minster was followed by 4 Show Jumpers. This event was proudly organized by Skydive Malawi and sponsored by Access Communications Ltd.

Lake of Stars Skydiving Boogie - Club Makokola, 15th - 17th October 2010

The 2010 Lake of Stars Boogie was held at Club Makokola 15th – 17 October 2010, set to coincide with this years Lake of Stars festival. It was the official inaugural boogie for Skydive Malawi and the first skydiving boogie ever to be held in Malawi. The public was offered the delights of seeing expert skydivers display their skills. Tandem instructors took members of the public on freefall skydives.
The skydivers hailed from Malawi, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Austria and Germany. The event was supported by Access Communications, Nyassa Air Taxi, Club Makokola and the Lake of Stars festival. The Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation were very helpful in the forefront in arranging the required permits and paperwork. Access Communications was the main sponsor of the event. A big thank you to all for your support in making this happen.

Media Display Jumps - Namitete, 7th October 2010

In preparation for the Lake of Stars Boogie, this event was held to inform the media, press and the public about the sport and its introduction to Malawi. All the media were invited to see the sport being performed first hand. The Malawi Defence Force was present and jumped with us.
The display jump was performed on 7th October 2010 at Mponongo Airfield in Namitete, just outside of Lilongwe. A big thank you to our sponsor Access Communications Ltd., who supported the initiative and were instrumental in making the Lake of Stars Boogie happen.

DCA Display Jump - Lilongwe, 18th September 2010

This was the first civilian jump in well over 40 years in Malawi's history. It was arranged as a demonstration to the authorities to display in a practical way what skydiving is about. This demonstration jump saw delegates from all the aviation authorities – DCA Headquarters, Air Traffic Control, Airport Commandant, Airport Security, Fire Brigade, Air BP, etc attend. The jump was performed on 18th September 2010 at Kamuzu International  Airport, by the MPA Chairman and his wife, both of who have several years of skydiving experience.

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