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Here you will find all the information regarding skydiving in Malawi. We offer Tandem Jumps, Training and Skydives for experienced jumpers. We have some great sponsorship opportunities.

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Upcoming Event


16+17th May 2015



There have been a number of requests to do some tandem jumps on 16 & 17 May 2015 in Lilongwe. We are are currently following up on aircraft and instructors for those dates.

We need 12 paid up individuals in order to go ahead with the event. A tandem jump will costs $340 equivalent, which is currently MK152,000 using the current IATA rate and valid until 9/May.

If you would like to participate and do a tandem jump, then please deposit the above amount in our bank account and send us an email to skydive@nyassa.mw with a copy of the deposit slip as well as your Full Name, Weight and your mobile phone number.

If 12 people or more make a deposit by Sat 9/May, then we will go ahead with the event and commit to the aircraft and instructor bookings. If we do not make the 12 participants on 9/May, then the event will be cancelled and you will be refunded the full amount.

All of us have day jobs and none of us get paid for our work with the parachute association. We can only invest limited time into organizing such events and therefore we appreciate your support in making this happen.

Our Bank Account details are as follows:
    Malawi Parachute Association
    Account Number: 0121223998700
    Standard Bank Capital City

Please forward this info to friends and family and anybody else who you think may be interested. This will only work if we there is enough interest and unfortunately we have had to cancel events before.

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Ever wanted to jump out of an aircraft? Whether you are a first time jumper, a sky god or somewhere in between – Skydive Malawi has something for you.
Skydiving is an adrenaline sport, which involves jumping out of an aircraft, freefalling and safely returning to the earth with the aid of a parachute. In freefall the body is falling at terminal velocity towards the earth at about 200km/h. It is best described as a floating or flying sensation, but to really appreciate the experience you have to try it for yourself!
Malawi offers some beautiful backdrops over which to skydive – Lake Malawi, Mountains, Green Tea Fields,...
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