What does Skydiving cost?
As most things aviation, skydiving has a price. By working together and partnering with all of the concerned players, we try to keep the prices affordable to everyone. All prices are on a cost recovery basis only.
If you have any special requests or have a special idea which you would like to discuss, then let us hear it. We are always interested to learn about new ideas or proposals.

The below table summarizes the important prices. Please refer to the relevant sections or our price list in the download section for further details. Contact us if you are not sure about anything.





  • Price


Tandem Jump

Minimum 8 people - price per person $340
Handcam Video
With Tandem Jumps - per Video $50
Outside Video
On any jump - per Video $80
Show Jump
Minimum 2 jumpers - price per person $190
Jump Ticket
For certified jumpers $50
Training Course
Minimum 4 people - price per person $2,200
Per person per year $120


Tandem Jumps can be organized for groups of 8 jumpers and more. A jump costs $310 per person. If you have a group of 12 or more then you will save $10 per jumper.
The tandem jump includes a safety briefing, a scenic plane ride to altitude with the instructor, the tandem parachute and accessories hire and temporary membership, an exhilarating freefall and a canopy ride guided by the instructor back to the dropzone and lastly a safe landing! Video and Photographs of your jump are not included, see below for more details on  video options.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange a tandem event. We can discuss possible venues and dates to suit.


A handcam video is made by the Tandem Instructor with the camera in his hand using a wide angle lens. The video is from close range and captures the aircraft exit, freefall as well as the canopy ride all the way to the landing.
Alternatively you can also get an extra jumper, with a camera who will capture your jump from an outside view. This can include a wider aspect picture and shows a different perspective of the jump. The video jumper wears a camera on his head and will capture the plane exit through freefall and the parachute opening and finally the landing. Since there is an extra jumper, this type of video is slightly more expensive than a handcam video.
Video can be added to Tandem and most Training jumps. This costs an additional $50 for Handcam or $80 for external video. At the end of the jump, you will receive a professionally edited DVD of your jump. Other video formats such as AVI, WMV, MPEG etc. are also available on request to copy onto a flash drive.

Show Jumps

Show jumps are a great way to enhance an event like a wedding celebration, a football game or a product launch. Show jumps are also a great way of advertising a brand or product.
Costs for Show Jumps vary depending on the venue, aircraft to be used and availability, amount of skydivers to jump, smoke canisters and flares required, distance to be travelled, organisation required, equipment to be used, water landings, branding and sponsors incorporation.
Show jumps cost $190 per jumper within the City Limits of Lilongwe. A show jump must be composed of at least 2 jumpers.
Outside of Lilongwe there may be some additional costs, which needs to be quoted on a case by case basis and mostly depend on the location of the proposed venue.

Jump Tickets

We welcome any experienced jumpers who would like to join us. Jump tickets are $50 per ticket. Depending on the available aircraft and load sizes, we fly to about 8000 feet. Drop us an email to see when we will be operating next.


The costs of doing a course in Malawi are comparable to doing a course in SA once the  flight and accommodation are factored in.
A full skydiving course in Malawi costs about $2200. This includes temporary membership, the instructors fees, aircraft, pilot and all the necessary equipment. Some basic video coaching is included on some jumps. Any dedicated video requested by the student have to be paid extra at $80 for outside video or $50 for handcam (where applicable).After graduation fun jumps are $60 each, including equipment hire.
The above rates may change, depending instructor and aircraft availability. The above course prices do not take into consideration: Repeat Jumps, Video, Accommodation, Food, Drinks.


Membership is open to any member of the public and costs $120 per year for active members. Family, Corporate or Supporting membership is available at $230 per annum. Temporary membership is included in the Tandem price as well as the Course fee for the duration of the Tandem jump or course.


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