Tandem Jumps

The most popular way to experience the thrill of skydiving!
Do you want to make your first jump?  Do you want to freefall at speeds of 200km/h? A Tandem Skydive is an excellent choice!
Tandem skydiving is an incredibly easy, safe and enjoyable way to experience skydiving. It is the easiest way for an individual to experience the thrill and excitement of skydiving, without any extensive training. No prior knowledge is required. It is the most popular way to skydive!
After a short introductory briefing and a scenic flight to altitude, you will jump with a fully qualified tandem master from the aircraft. You will enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled, exhilarating freefall, followed by a smooth and tranquil canopy ride during which you will see breathtaking views of the area and safe landing back at the dropzone. This is a unique experience you will never forget.
With optional video or stills photos from the jump you can show your friends and re-live the adventure. Tandem Jumps can be organized for groups of 8 jumpers and more. You will receive a Tandem Jump Certificate and the jump will be credited towards achieving a skydiving certification, should you want to peruse the sport.

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